The most frequently
asked questions

Why buy with a Nestor broker?
Because you’ll have the very best ally by your side.

The main benefit of Nestor is that you get access to a dedicated broker who’ll represent your interests as a buyer, not just those of the seller. Our team is made up of real estate brokers in your area who are truly striving for a successful purchase, rather than trying to close a transaction no matter the cost. They will negotiate a fair price and the most favourable conditions, while guiding and supporting you at every step of the process.

Are Nestor brokers experienced?


We select our brokers based on rigorous quality standards, recruiting those who share our vision to always put our clients first. All of our brokers are members of the OACIQ and are part of an ongoing training program to stay ahead of the latest best practices in real estate brokerage, so you can count on their expertise and dedication.

I’m signed up for Nestor Alert and would like to visit a property. What should I do?

Let us know as soon as you can.

Whenever a property catches your eye, whether it’s been listed by a broker or directly by the owner, contact your Nestor broker right away to find out more about the property and schedule a visit. Our brokers are your best allies when it comes to finding your dream property.

Will the Nestor broker find the best price for me?


Your Nestor broker will perform a comparative market analysis before drafting your offer, and negotiate for you to secure the very best terms and price. Nestor is built on a foundation of trust. The more our clients are satisfied, the more they’ll recommend us to future clients. We strive to deliver a positive customer experience at all times, and to receive positive feedback from you.

Will Nestor really give me access to all properties for sale?


Nestor will share all opportunities on the market with you. By subscribing to Nestor Alert, you will always be among the first to hear about new properties for sale on Centris. Your Nestor broker will also show you properties for sale that meet your criteria with no middle man saving you valuable time and increasing your chances of finding the perfect property for you.

Should I call the number on the For Sale sign in front of the property if I want to make an appointment?

We don’t advise it.

We’re convinced that it is in your best interests to work with a Nestor broker, who will help and represent you at every step of the purchasing process. Remember, the seller’s broker is looking to sell the property as quickly as possible, and at the highest price! Our brokers strive to meet your needs as the buyer.

Can my Nestor broker sell my house, too?


While our brokers specialize in buying, they have the skills and experience to list your property on the market and to support you throughout the sale process. Since our brokers deal with potential buyers every day, they may even have your future buyer in their contact list!