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  • What to negotiate when buying a home?

    In real estate, many people dread negotiation, seeing it as a confrontation. In the left corner, a seller hopes for a very high price. In the right corner, a buyer wants the best possible deal. Who will be crowned champion? Two real estate brokers paint a very different picture of this essential step in any transaction.

  • 12 questions to ask current owners before buying their house

    A property listing says a lot … but it doesn’t say everything. After living there for years, the current owners a home know it well. Some will share less details than others, but any information can be useful when negotiating or planning upcoming renovations. Here are some questions to ask and what you might learn from then.

  • Buying a first home: what expenses should you plan for?

    Buying a property is not as simple as 'paying the asking price': there are plenty of additional expenses to take into account. Some of these occur only once at the time of purchase, while others become recurring expenses throughout home ownership. Here’s a rundown of the costs you should plan for.

  • Is spring the right time to buy a new house?

    Spring heralds the melting of the snow, the return of the sun, nature awakening … and the hottest season for real estate. Why does the spring craze repeat itself year after year? As a homebuyer, how should this impact your strategy?

  • 5 steps to buying a house on a single income

    While it’s usually easier to get approved for a mortgage as a couple, it’s not impossible for someone on their own. With the right planning and finances in order, here’s how you can buy a first home on a single income.

  • Why become a real estate broker? Here are 7 good reasons.

    In Quebec, approximately 15,000 real estate brokers can provide you with numerous answers. Greater independence, flexibility, high income potential, variety: making a living as a real estate broker brings plenty of benefits. If you’re thinking about a career change (or haven’t yet found your path), here are a few good reasons to consider this one.

  • HBP, RRSP and buying a home

    To buy a house or a condo, you need a minimum down payment of 5% of the selling price. When this is your first property purchase, it could mean a lot of money! This is why the federal government provides access to the Home Buyers’ Plan (HBP), a program that allows you to withdraw money from your Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) to use a down payment. Here’s how it works.

  • How do multiple offers and bidding wars work?


    When many people are interested in the same property, the seller often has the luxury of choosing the best of multiple offers. This context is ripe to start a bidding war, as some buyers are willing to pay well over the asking price. What factors lead to this kind of sellers’ market? And how can you improve your chances to come out ahead? Here are a few explanations.

  • Hasty home purchase: don’t waive these 3 measures

    The real estate market shows no signs of cooling down. The imbalance between the vast number of buyers and the limited supply of properties available encourages overbidding and creates a sense of urgency to close a transaction quickly. In a recent press release, the Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ) warns buyers who may be tempted to waive certain measures in order to speed things up. Here’s the important purpose of these protections.

  • In real estate, beware of love at first sight!

    Maybe it’s the freestanding bath or the quartz countertops that make your heart flutter … but you’re sure this is truly the right house for you. Should you listen to your feelings? Just as you wouldn’t propose to a perfect stranger based on their good looks alone, it’s best to keep your cool before committing to a long-term relationship that comes with a mortgage. When you feel love at first sight with a property, here are a few questions to ask yourself.

  • Offres d'achat multiples: deux stratégies pour l'acheteur

    C'est une situation pénible. Vous passez des semaines à chercher le bungalow, le duplex ou le condo idéal pour vous. Quand vous le trouvez enfin, trois autres acheteurs déposent leur offre d'achat en même temps que vous. Celui qui fera la meilleure offre remportera la propriété. Comment tirer votre épingle du jeu sans vous ruiner?

  • Analyse des comparables: indispensable pour acheter une maison

    « Moi, je la propose toujours », dit Simon Laverdure, courtier acheteur chez Nestor. Selon lui, l'analyse des comparables est LE moyen de connaître le prix qu'un acheteur doit payer pour une propriété. « En voyant les comparables, dit-il, l'acheteur se rend souvent compte que la maison est 10 000 $ ou 15 000 $ trop cher. »

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