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With Nestor,

I have an ally by my side. I never miss an opportunity. I pay a fair price. Everything is clear and simple.

With Nestor, I have everything I need to buy the perfect home.

All the support

With Nestor, I have an ally by my side to ensure the success of my purchase. Form the very first meeting to taking possession of my property, my Nestor broker is there to listen to my needs and take care of my interests in an open and transparent way.

Buying with Nestor is clear and simple, from start to finish.

All the opportunities

With Nestor, I can find my dream home, whether it’s listed by a broker or directly by the owner. My Nestor broker helps me find the best opportunities, sharing all the listings that fit my criteria.

With the Nestor Alert, I’m among the first to hear about new opportunities on the market.

All the satisfaction

With Nestor, my satisfaction comes first. For example, my Nestor broker helps me understand the purchasing process and guides me through every step with no pressure, making sure I’m involved from start to finish.

Offering homebuyers the best experience on the market. That’s the Nestor difference.

Our new home is perfect! We got the chance to visit every property we were interested in, without feeling any pressure to close.
Elie and Ben

brokers that go the extra mile.

In order to truly make a difference in the market and offer the very best service to real estate buyers, Nestor surrounds itself with passionate brokers dedicated to the satisfaction of their clients. Expertise, listening and transparency are core values at Nestor.

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